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Beatrix Baumgartner

Fascial Fitness Days

22nd SEPT – 23rd SEPT 2016

3 x Fascial Fitness — Course
3 x Blackroll Training — Unit

*The Intro course is suitable for everybody.
 Also bookable as a package (Intro Course + 7 days of accomodation). Please check our prices here.

During our Intro Course you will learn how to train your fascias independently. You get to know the socalled „blackroll“, a firm foamroll, which is the essential element of Fascial training. Fascias are part of the connective tissue, that encloses your whole body. When fascias stick together, your body movement is limited. The use of the „blackroll“ works against these agglutinations. Our Fascia-Expert Beatrix Baumgartner will teach you how to use the „blackroll“ correctly and purposefully to optimize your performance through determined exercises. As injuries can be avoided and the regeneration of your body is stimulated, Fascial training is the ideal addition for a day on the surfboard!

24th SEPT  – 25th SEPT 2016

*Fascial Fitness is suitable for trainers (fitness, yoga, pilates, sport scientists etc.)
More Infos for trainers here: Fascia Center Vienna

This course, held by Beatrix Baumgartner, addresses physiotherapists, doctors, ostepaths, non-medical practitioners and massage therapists. In the beginning we will start with an introduction about the broad spectrum of the fascia. Thereby Beatrix Baumgartner is presenting the general methods of the therapy. Later on we will focus on the special treatment of the shoulders, knees and ankles. In the second unit we will refresh our knowledge on the fascia and their problem areas. Afterwards we will focus on the special treatment of pelvis, the hip, the lower and middle back, as well as the neck.

In her various fields of treatment, Beatrix Baumgartner is referring to the method of Typaldos. The method is named after its founder, a US-american medic and osteopath. The goal of Fascial training is to offer an alternative to established therapies. The main benefit of well trained fascia is extended physical flexibility. 

19th SEPT – 21st SEPT

Module 1

*FDM only for physiotherapists, doctors, osteopaths and alternative practitioners [med.]

The Fascial Distortion Model (FDM) is a specific medical approach which attributes the cause of physical afflictions and impaired motor function to one or several of six typical forms of fascial distortion in the human organism. As soon as the distortion is corrected, an effective and comprehensively measurable treatment of pain and restricted mobility is possible.
In FDM, the diagnostic process is based on three pillars of analysis. Particular attention is directed at a patient’s body language when describing pain. Intuitive gestures, when correctly interpreted, are direct indicators of fascial distortions. The patient’s case history as well as a series of examinations complete the FDM diagnosis.
The principles of FDM can be applied to a variety of different medical areas and expand the diagnostic options doctors and physiotherapists have at their disposal. FDM enables an effective treatment of patients presenting with a variety of medical diagnoses, but at the present time, the FDM approach is primarily chosen for musculoskeletal complaints and chronic pain.

FDM II – Course or FLOSSING*
26th SEPT – 27th SEPT

*Flossing only for physiotherapists, doctors, osteopaths alternative practitioners [med.] and massage therapists

Experience the wide range of possibilities of “Flossing“ in combination with fitness-exercises. The Fascial-Expert Beatrix Baumgartner will show you how to use the “Flossband“ and the effective use of specific exercises.

The flossing-method was developed 2013 by the physiotherapist and crossfitness-trainer Dr. Kelly Starret. The essential part of the treatment is the usage of the “flossband”. The elastic latex-band is wrapped around the part of the body which is limited in its movement. Thereby you can improve your mobility and correct malposition of joints. Combined with specific exercises the use of the latex-band enhances the circulation of blood in your joints, muscles and connective tissue. “Flossing” helps you reduce joint pain and improve muscle contraction. 

Course Timetable: 

1st day: 09:00 am – 06:00pm
2nd day: 09:00 am – 04:00pm


Per Course (2 days): € 320,–
Please check our Accomodation Prices here.

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