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Meet: Verena Weis, herb-expert behind „Rosas Enkel“

„There should be nothing on your skin, that you would not eat as well“.

Surfers already know it: Listening to the nature pays off! „Liquid Mountains Surf & Activity Lodge“ is living this philosophy. Being sporty means you need a lot of energy. Get the required energy with a healthy nutrition and a natural body care. Listen to tipps from Verena Weis, alias „Rosas Enkel“ „Herbs“- and „Green Cosmetics“ lecturer at our Yoga Days in October. By joining her „Green Cosmetics“-Workshop you will learn about herbs and plants and their possible applications. Where does the name „Rosas Enkel“ come from? Her great-grandmother Rosa Luks once founded a pharmacy in Lower Austria and thereby inspired „Rosas Enkel“ with her herbal formulations.The key aspects of „Rosas Enkels“ work are herbal-hikes, natural cosmetics- and food-workshops. She is focusing on the multipurpose functions of natural ressources.
Her Credo: Green Smoothies, sprouts, seeds, herbs und superfoods are supporting your wellbeing just as much as natural creams.

What sort of tipps are on Verenas mind when it comes to the surfers of „Liquid Mountains“? „Aloe Vera and linseeds are perfect to resmooth the dry skin after surfing. Carrotts and red fruits are a good sunprotection from the inside. Hemp and alge release power and combined with brokkoli und spinach they are building up muscles.“
Find more information about the workshops, dates and topics on „Rosas Enkel“ – Website.
During her workshop participants will learn how to produce their own natural goods. Verena will pass down her extensive knowledge about herbs and the gentle handling of the ingredients to preserve its raw and natural power.

Enjoy the tune of nature in the ocean as well as with your daily care!

20.06.2016, posted by LQM, in Campnews
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