The Liquid Mountains Guesthouse
Surfing every day
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Welcome to the Algarve and Liquid Mountains!

At LIQUID MOUNTAINS a unique adventure awaits you! This is the place where you can enjoy holiday all YOUR way – the new definition of surf camp.

Comfortable, light rooms of different price categories and everything else to satisfy the desires of your heart. A versatile choice of leisure activities are available as package booking or individually.

It doesn’t matter if you are coming as a group, couple, family or single – you are always welcome! Get to know like-minded people and enjoy the silence of the beautiful nature of the Algarve – there is something for everybody! The Guesthouse can be booked exclusively for groups. We are happy to organize customized weeks for families, companies and other groups. 

In the evenings we offer special food events. Participation is always optional, decide every day anew if you want to join in. Early birds and food lovers are welcome to book our food package in advance!

We are happy to welcome you!


Full Programm: Mini Ramp, Pool, Bar,  Food Events, Fitness, Massage, Breakfast and much more

  • 4 rooms (double rooms, multi bed room and one double room with private bathroom and
       terrace exit)
  • Kitchen and Breakfast buffet
  • Living room with Internet TV, Surf-Movies, Music
  • WIFI in the whole house
  • Hammock – chill out garden
  • Pool
  • Bar
  • Liquid Mountains Shop
  • Mini Ramp
  • Food Events (High End Sushi - Veggie Dinner – Tapas Evening - Portuguese Night - BBQ - Pizza Party)
  • ...and just next door: our neighbours BOA VIDA SOCIAL CLUB with their cool skate bowl!
Live your dream!



At Liquid Mountains you will get the surf course you need. We place great emphasis on offering the best possible quality. Of course all our teachers provide international licenses. However, this is not enough for us as they have to fit to the Liquid Mountains Standards as well. This means: Full motivation during the course – we put all our efforts into getting you onto your first wave!
A Surf day consists of two sessions of two hours each, included are transport, material and material insurance!

You can book your surf course individually as well:

1/2 day, 45€ (incl. equipment, transport, insurance)
1 Day, 60€ (incl. equipment, transport, insurance)
3 Days, 180€ (incl. equipment, transport, insurance)
5 Days, 280€ (incl. equipment, transport, insurance)

If you are travelling with your own equipment, you will recieve a 10% discount on the surfcourse!


During our Guided Free Surf Days the focus is finding the best waves! The Algarve is offering versatile coastlines and an impressive count of world-class surf spots. In order to ride the best wave you have to be at the right place at the right time: Our guides know exactly where and when to go. They will coach you about the dangers, spot info’s and will keep an eye on you! Guided Surfing is for intermediate to advanced surf guest and only available from October until Mai.

A Surf day consists of two sessions of two hours each, included are transport, material and material insurance!

You can book your surfcourse individually as well:

1/2 day, 45€ (incl. equipment, transport, insurance)
1 Day, 60€ (incl. equipment, transport, insurance)
3 Days, 180€ (incl. equipment, transport, insurance)
5 Days, 280€ (incl. equipment, transport, insurance)

If you are travelling with your own equipment, you will recieve a 10% discount on the Free Guided Surf!


Especially for advanced surfers group lessons are often no longer efficient. With the use of video analysis and direct dialogue your private coach can help you to reach your next level. 

Price per session 1,5h water, 1h theory:  280€
max. 5 persons



Stand Up Paddling is a super flat-water activity and basically the prototype of surfing.
With us you can get started with SUP Tours. First basics about this sport can be learned at the lake of Vale da Telha: How to handle the boards, how to place your body weight and the correct way of paddling. If things are going good you are ready for your first Tour!

TOUR 1: Introduction at the Lake – approx. 1,5 hours – 25€ / person
TOUR 2: Get Moving - Amoreira River Tour – approx. 3 hours – 45€/ person
TOUR 3: Keep Paddling- Odeceixe River Tour – approx. 4 hours – 65€/ person

If you already experienced SUP before you can, of course, also only rent SUP material and go on your own.


Yoga is perfect for your personal balance of body, mind and soul. It is your ideal addition to your surf holiday! Our experienced teachers will show you how to stretch your muscles, how to breathe the right way and how to relax your body and soul with active and meditative exercises.

HERE you can watch our LQM Yoga Video!

Price: 15€ per person / session

Blackroll Training


Cramped muscles are building up especially due to repetitive movements. With the Blackroll you can quickly find the problem zones on your own.
With the Blackroll you can:
- Relax muscles through roll- outs & self - massage
- Loosen the cramps & pain in your whole body
Blackroll is ideal for surfer! You strengthen your body and relax your muscles so that you are ready for the next swell – anytime! Liquid Mountains is he first official Blackroll Center at the Algarve/ Portugal, all our guests get a free introduction course if they are interested!

HERE you can watch our Blackroll Video!

Price: 15€ per person / session



A Brazilian art of fighting – it is a mix between dance, acrobatics, music, energy and body control! Capoeira beginners learn the basic techniques and then take part in the „Roda“.
Advanced dancers can also refine their techniques and style and visit the „Rodas“ in the area. It is a fascinating combination with surfing: balance, control and flow – worth a try!

HERE you can watch our Capoeira Video!

Price: 15€ per person / session



Improve your body statue and flexibility, loosens tension and pain, gives you power and perseverance! Your joints get a better stability and with that you have more power in your whole body – just to sum it up easily: Pilates on a regular basis will make you super fit!

Price: 15€ per person / session



So many activities – time for some relaxation!
We a selection of certified therapists who use different practices and treatments, depending on what you really need! Ayurveda, Depp Tissue, Food Reflex Massage, Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation, Sport Massage, Kinesis Taping, Lymph- drain Therapy and more will help you and your body to fully relax.

Price: 35€ per person (30 minutes)

Food Events

Five times a week we are having our legendary Food Events, where we offer a wide variety of delicious dinners sets like Venezuelan Night, Tapas, Paella, Sushi or Portuguese Dinner. To take part you can book the events via our Food Package or participate individually. We can also prepare all of our dishes vegetarian or vegan. 

Price per dinner 17-25€  per person
Food package: 150€  per person (7x Breakfast, 5x Dinner) 

Next to the offered house activities there is much more to discover around this area:

Horse riding, bicycling, scooter rental can be booked in order to explore the beautiful surroundings. Other activities of our partners are: Climbing, fishing, canoe paddling, diving, skydiving and more. We know the companies and help you to organise and realise additional adventures for you.

4 packages - 1 price!


Surf Package

Surf Package

  • 7x Breakfast
  • 5 days Surf Course (10 lessons)
  • Theory & Video Analysis
  • 1x Blackroll Training
  • 2 Surf Lessons can be swapped for a SUP-Tour

Always included: equipment, insurance, usage of all camp facilities

from 300 € (per week)

Surf Yoga Package

Surf’n Yoga Package

  • 7x Breakfast
  • 5 half days Surf Course (5 Lessons)
  • 5 Yoga Lessons
  • 1x Blackroll Training
  • 1 Yoga Lesson and 1 Surf Lesson can be swapped for a SUP-Tour

Always included: equipment, insurance, usage of all camp facilities

from 300 € (per week)

Surf Eat Sleep Package

Eat’n Surf Package

  • 7x Breakfast
  • 5x Dinner
  • Rental 1 Week (Wetsuit, Board, Roofrack)
  • 30 min Massage

Always included: equipment, insurance, usage of all camp facilities

from 300 € (per week)

Food Package

  • 7x Breakfast
  • 5x Dinner (Portuguese, Spanish, Sushi, Venzuela, BBQ)
  • For all Veggie, Vegan

from 150 € (per week)


Guesthouse Off
Shared Room 144 € 192 € 228 €
Double Room 180 € 216 € 336 €
Double Room with Private Bath 216 € 276 € 420 €
Entire House 1.500 € 2.000 € 2.500 €

During high season rooms in the guesthouse can only be booked within a package. Booking the entire house is still possible.


Packages Off
Surf / Surf'n Yoga / Surf'n Eat 300 € 340 € 380 €
Food Package - 150 € 150 €

* High season: 01. Jul – 03. Sep 2017  Low season: 23. Dec 2016 – 08. Jan 2017, 11. – 19. Feb 2017, 08. – 18. Apr 2017, 01. May – 30. Jun 2017, 04. Sep – 31. Okt 2017  Off season: 09. Jan – 10. Feb 2017, 20. Feb – 07. Apr 2017, 19. – 30. Apr 2017, 01. Nov – 22. Dec 2017

Single Prices

Activities & Extras All-Season
Breakfast buffet, per day 10 €
Yoga, per Session 15 €
Pilates, per Session 15 €
Blackroll, per Session 15 €
Capoeira, per Session 15 €
Portugiesisch Kurs, per Session 15 €
Massage, from 30 min from 35 €
Surf Course 1/2 day, 2 hours 45 €
Surfkurs 1 day, 2x 2 hours 60 €
Private Surf Lesson 280 €
SUP Lake Intro (1,5h) 35 €
SUP River Tour (4h) 60 €
SUP Rental (Board & Paddle) 50 €
Wetsuit Rental, per day 10 €
Surfboard Rental, per day 25 €
Board & Suit Rental, per week 80 €

* Equipment Rental: prices valid for 24 hours, pick-up und returns during reception hours.

Transfer / price per person
Lagos 50 €
Aljezur 20 €
Faro* 105 €

* Every additional person costs 50 €.

We'll get you
in touch with the
ocean and nature.


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Check IN / Check OUT / Office Hours:

Mon–Sat     08.00 - 10.00 am / 6.00 - 8.00 pm (local time)
Dear Guest's
for the Check IN / Check OUT or booking of surf courses, excursions, massages etc. we are available for you during our office hours or according to special agreements. Many thanks!


M: 00351 912 428 405


M: 0043 676 69 48 271 (8.00 -10.00 am, local time)


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How to get to Vale da Telha, 
Aljezur, Protugal

We´re happy to help you planning your trip – simply write us an e-mail. Please let us also know early enough if you need a transfer. We´ll come and pick you up from Lagos and Aljezur!

by plane

The two closest airports are Faro (108 km) and Lisbon (244 km).
Pickup from airport Faro is possible, costs 105 € per person

by bus / train

from FARO

The easiest option is to take the bus (approx. €1,50 / cab (approx. €9)) from the airport in Faro in order to get to the train station. From there trains run hourly to Lagos (ca. 1,5h / €6) or as an alternative you can also take the bus (approx. 2h / €5). We´ll come and pick you up from Lagos!

from lisbon

From Lisbon we recommend you to catch a bus (approx. 3h / €17) in order to get to Aljezur conveniently. We´ll pick you up from Aljezur!

Bus connections in the Algarve, Portugal

Train connections in the Algarve, Portugal

by car

from FARO

From the airport don´t head direction Faro but take the highway in direction of Albufeira / Portimão / Lagos. At Bensafrim leave the highway and follow the signs to Aljezur.


On the A2 always towards the south. At the exit IP8/Sines continue for approx. 20km on the IC33, then take the exit to the N120 in direction of Santiago do Cacém. From there continue via Odemira and Odeceixe till you get to Aljezur.


Coming from Faro you need to turn direction Vale da Telha briefly before Aljezur, if you´re coming from Lisbon turn the same way at the crossing shortly after Aljezur. After a short and steep rising take the left in direction of Vales. Follow the road through Vales and keep on the right at the next turnoff. Go past Hotel Vale de Telha and take the second exit on the right at the big roundabout with the restaurants. After about 500m there is a junction, directly on the left hand side is your destination!

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