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Meet: Aponcho - Customized Surfwear

Aponcho was founded by the passionate surfer and fashion designer Clarissa while travelling through Portugal. She came up with a product to our taste: A top-quality, multifunctional poncho made of 100% cotton that matches your individual surf style. When she designed the poncho, her main goal was to create a product of high quality that allows different forms of use. As a result the poncho can be used either as a changing room when taking off the wetsuit, as a cozy accessoire for at home and of course to cover your surfboard. Clarissa even thought about the sensitive top of the board: Inside the hoodie she applied a small extra bag to protect the nose.

The ponchos are available in different colors and sizes. You want your customized poncho? Send an e-mail to Aponcho, using our code word ‘Liquid Mountains’.

06.03.2017, posted by LQM, in Campnews