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Daniel Schur

Meet: Daniel Schur - our first assistance

Dani has lived the dream many of our guests still have in their minds: The passionate surfer initially stayed at Liquid Mountains during a vacation. Inspired by the spirit of LQM and our love for surfing, he decided to stay for good. After working as our housekeeper, he became First Surf Assistance and an integral member of our team. Dani is passionate about waves and the surf, plus he has the finest humor - having him around is always great fun! Besides working with LQM he finished up third place at the „Austrian Surfing Champs“ and he manufactures boards under his label „sure surfboards“. To spread the spirit of surfing in his home country, Dani is involved with the work of the club „River Surfing Salzburg “.

13.07.2016, posted by LQM, in Campnews