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Philipp Sturies

Meet: Philipp Sturies - our headcoach

Philipp is our headcoach and the heart of Liquid Mountains.
Born in the mountainous Austrian region of Tirol and being familiar with snow sports from an early age, he first tried surfing in 2003. Ever since he combines his love for the mountains with his passion for the waves. Philipp startet teaching sports in 2001 and received his ISA Certificate in 2013.
In 2016 it was confirmed officially: Philipp is Austrias best surfer! At this year’s Austrian Surf Championship he was awarded „Austrian Surfing Champ“. We at LQM couldn’t be prouder! Thanks to his longtime experience in teaching, Philipp was able to gain knowledge of various forms of coaching. He developes his classes along his students individual requirements, so he can lead them to their personal success. Fun and passion are the foundation of Philipp’s work!

13.07.2016, posted by LQM, in Campnews